When The Basement Flooded and I Started This Blog

joy in every dayToday seemed like a good day to start this blog. After weeks of contemplating, researching, and brainstorming, I could barely contain my excitement to finally hit, “publish” and officially launch this site. I quickly completed the essentials on my to-do list so I would have a few hours to focus on writing. My head was filled with so many exciting possibilities. After all, I had a plan.

And then the basement flooded.

We expected severe weather, and it definitely arrived. The torrential downpour left us with a nasty, muddy mess and the water just would not stop. Those precious hours that were reserved for writing suddenly turned into a whirlwind of scooping water into buckets and desperately trying to keep it from spreading and causing more damage.  That was definitely not on my list for today or, let’s be honest, any day.

As I stood in all that water, something came over me and I just started laughing. Because isn’t that how life is? We have everything planned, and then reality happens. Life is full of messes. At least my life is. As a mom to two humans and three pets, much of my day is spent managing messes. So, I have learned to find joy, even in the middle of a mess.  And sometimes that means laughing when I really want to start crying.

One of my favorite verses is Proverbs 17:22- “A merry heart does good, like medicine.” One of the reasons I started this blog is to share the things that make me happy every day. Today, I am happy because the worst thing that happened was a flooded basement. No one was hurt. My husband was home. (In fact, his decisive action prevented the situation from being much worse.) And the problem can be fixed. The fact our basement flooded means we have a home and more than we need (hence the need to store things in said basement.)

And it looks like it was a good day to start a blog after all.

So, here I am. I’m excited about this new adventure, and I can’t wait to see where things go. Thank you for joining me.

joy in a storm

2 thoughts on “When The Basement Flooded and I Started This Blog”

  1. LS!
    This is AMAZING! I am thrilled for you and…well… for the rest of your ‘fan club’ as we get to join you on this “journey of…JOY!” Happiness is a choice…and Life is always going to happen… and by the Grace of God we can DANCE in the rain… or flooded basements as we CHOOSE to laugh (not cry)- wouldn’t that just be more water anyway??? LOL! Onward and Upward, sista!

    DH 🙂


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