Crustless Spinach Quiche: A Simple Go-To Recipe for Multiple Occasions

crustless-spinach-quiche-on-a-plate1Well, I’m not a food blogger or a chef, but I am a busy mom and I do believe everyone should have a go-to recipe in her arsenal. And I am all about making things as simple as possible. This delightful dish is quick, uncomplicated, inexpensive, versatile, and delicious. It has only a few ingredients that I almost always have on hand. It’s also gluten-free and can be made ahead of time, making it a perfect dish for morning commitments. (It’s usually all I can do to get myself and my children out the door, so the last thing I can think about is trying to whip together some breakfast casserole in the morning. Problem solved!) I have prepared this for breakfast, lunch, brunch, and dinner, and I often take it as a baby meal for new moms (as long as there are no dietary restrictions involved.)

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Bagging A Bargain: Six Things to Purchase at Junior League of Knoxville’s Giant Rummage Sale

bag a bargain

Once a year for the past 30 years, local shoppers have gotten great deals on high end items at Junior League of Knoxville (JLK)’s annual Bag-A-Bargain, a giant rummage sale. The event is back in 2017 for its 31st year and will be held at the Jacob Building at Chilhowee Park on Saturday, March 4 from 8:00 a.m. until noon. Tickets are available for $5 at the door, or $4 with a canned good or coupon book for the Knox County Schools coupon book. All proceeds from the sale benefit JLK, a local member-based non-profit women’s organization that promotes voluntarism and supports women’s safety and education. In honor of the upcoming event, here are six great things to purchase at Bag-A-Bargain.

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When The Basement Flooded and I Started This Blog

joy in every dayToday seemed like a good day to start this blog. After weeks of contemplating, researching, and brainstorming, I could barely contain my excitement to finally hit, “publish” and officially launch this site. I quickly completed the essentials on my to-do list so I would have a few hours to focus on writing. My head was filled with so many exciting possibilities. After all, I had a plan.

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